2014 Formulation of the Organisational Performance Assessment Tool

2014 Formulation of the ‘Organisational Performance Assessment Tool, a guide for periodic self-assessment of CHAG health facilities to improve health systems and outcomes’.

The Christian Health Organisation of Ghana (CHAG) is an association of 183 health facilities and training institutions of 21 different Christian church denominations. At the national level, CHAG is spearheaded by an Executive Secretariat providing stewardship of the association, developing strategic partnerships with health sector stakeholders and donor partners to develop and capacitate the network, and to represent and articulate the association’s position and interest in the policy discourse of the health sector. In the context of developing a corporate M&E framework for the association, the assignment was to develop a practical guide for health facilities to assess the organisational performance of the facility periodically, and to measure their contribution to the national health sector development objectives. The guide provides detailed instructions to assess and analyse health facilities’ performance based on evidence and context. Moreover, the guide provides simple guidelines to follow-up on assessment to improve service delivery. The guide is based on WHO concept of Health System Strengthening.

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