1999 Formulation manual: ‘Habari ya Kazi’ (‘How are we doing’)

(1999) Formulation manual: ‘Habari ya Kazi’ (‘How are we doing’); a Practical Guide for Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation’. Within the context of the District Rural Development Programme (DRDP), a bi-lateral co-operation between the Government of Tanzania and the Netherlands Government, The Directorate of International Development Cooperation (DGIS).

The Booklet is based on experiences with M&E practices obtained by the DRDP in working in 11 rural districts in North-West Tanzania. It offers guidance and support to managers of development programmes in concepts and technical aspects of planning, monitoring and evaluation. Among others, important elements explained in practical applications are: (i) information management; who needs what, when, how and why; (ii) project design, planning and logframe; (iii) the project M&E plan, system and organisational requirements; (iv) baseline survey & review methodologies; (v) information system design consideration; (vi) indicators (type, means of verification); (vii) sampling techniques; (viii) information collection methods & techniques; (ix) information analysis methods & techniques; (xi) information sharing & communication methods & techniques.