2005-2009 Project design, technical support, monitoring & evaluation

(2005-2009) Project design, technical support, monitoring & evaluation of many innovative capacity building interventions for district and regional based health care providers and managers under the District Demand Driven Capacity Building (D3CB) programme, a sub-component of the Health Sector Support Programme (HSPS-III) of the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare of Tanzania in a bi-lateral cooperation with the Danish Agency for Development Co-operation (Danida).

The aim of D3CB was to improve health services by enhancing capacities of health care providers and managers in the areas of direct health service provision, district- and facility based health planning and management and management of resources. Technical support in management, monitoring and evaluation was provided on a continuous basis with respect to: (i) improve district health management capacity with an emphasis on: planning, implementation modalities, human resource development, monitoring and quality assurance, and impact of priority disease interventions; (ii) establishing linkages between various health service organisational levels (regional/district, hospital/health centre/dispensary) and also linkages to other organisations (stakeholders involved in planning) and the public and (iii) use the experiences in improved district health management for policy developments at all levels. Among others support and technical advice was provided to the following projects: (i) Advanced diploma course for nurse tutors and clinical instructors; (ii) ICU certificate course for nursing staff of regional & district hospitals; (iii) Training course on neonatal care, resuscitation & referral in hospitals and h/facilities; (iv) Homeopathic medicine and prevention of malaria; (v) Home-based palliative care for patient with chronic illnesses including HIV/AIDS; (vi) improving cataract detection; (vii) Training guidelines for rational prescription of anti-malaria drugs and ARV; (viii) emergency oral health care in health facilities; (ix) early detection and diagnosis of cervix carcinoma; (x) training of health care workers in primary mental health care to Mara region; (xi) improvement of physio- and occupational therapy services; (xii) training in Health Management Information Systems; (xiii) training Traditional Birth Attendants; (xiv) training in financial management of Imprint Advice in International Cooperation, Health & Public Administration Supporting people and organisations for better & lasting prospects hospitals; (xv) training in district health planning; (xvi) training prevention maternal mortality; (xvii) establishment diploma course for anaesthesia nurses; (xviii) training in advanced life saving skills in obstetrics (ALSO); (xix) improving HIV/AIDS care; (xx) training is health facility diabetic care; (xxi) strategic planning for regional & district health teams; (xxii) strategic planning for hospitals; (xxxiii) maintenance planning for health infrastructure; (xxxiv) improving multimedia communication for health promotion; (xxv) establishment de-centralised (zonal) health training centre; (xxvi) facilitation public-private-partnerships in health management and services provision.