2011 Formulation of the Health Sector Development

(February/March, 2011) Formulation of the Health Sector Development Plan 2011-2015 for the Ministry of Health Government of Southern Sudan (MOH-GOSS) and The Liverpool Associates of Tropical Health (LATH).

During 2010 the MOH-GOSS embarked on drafting a the five year Strategic Plan for the Health Sector with the participation of stakeholders and the States MOH. However, the scope of the plan changed to a Health Sector Development Plan 2011-2015, incorporating a new set of new targets. The purpose of the assignment was to review the existing draft and reorganize, complete and finalize the new Health Sector development plan in line with the health policy and vision of the MOH-GOSS, and in participation with the States MOH and the international donor community and private service providers.