2011 Evaluation of a Management Information Benchmark Project (MIBP)

(August, 2011) Evaluation of a Management Information Benchmark Project (MIBP) for selected Church Hospitals in Tanzania for the Christian Social Services Commissions (CSSC), the Catholic Organisation for Development Aid (Cordaid) and the TRAG Performance Intelligence Group (Tragpi).

The MIBP was initiated in June 2007. The project evolved from another project supported by Cordaid to strengthen the output and performance of selected hospitals in critical health services, the Pay-for-Performance project (P4P). During the implementation of P4P the need for a hospital performance measurement methodology was identified to assist hospitals in comparing performance within and between hospitals. The core objective of the MIBP was to improve the performance of selected Hospitals through capacity building in performance measurement and data management. The main objective of the evaluation was to determine the extent to which the MIBP enhanced data management and the routine application of performance benchmarking by the recipient hospitals and to what extent this contributed to improved health care performance of the same institutions. The purpose of this end-of-project evaluation was to catalogue successes and challenges of the MIBP and to assess its relevance and compatibility for other health levels and to provide direction for a possible continuation of the MIBP in a next phase.